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Your Donations for e-WarZone are very welcome!

e-WarZone accepts donations in order to keep our server online and to pay for improvements and security updates. You can donate any ammount to e-WarZone, there is no minimum and there is no maximum. We are happy with every donation you can give. Remind: the donation itself is more important then the ammount, but the higher the donation is, the more we can do to improve e-WarZone!

A list of priorities will be posted here soon, so you can see where your donation will be used for. Include your player name and gamelobby with your donation at the 'purpose' box, so we can post your name and the donated ammount on this page. If you don't send your name, we will post your donation here under the name 'John Doe' with the donation date and ammount.

We accept donations by PayPal, please click the button on the left to send your donation, we thank you for your donation in advance!

- the e-WarZone Team

Recent Donations

Oct 11, 2015: Joel's Mom, $10.00*
Oct 5, 2015: jbrianmcc, $10.00 (unban fee)

*awaiting confirmation

Sept 11, 2015: lack, $10.00
Sept 10, 2015: Buggs, $0.99
Sept 9, 2015: Daniel96, $10.00

Aug 29, 2015: GM_SuperCal, $10.00
Aug 28, 2015: John/Jane Do, $50.00
Aug 09, 2015: John/Jane Do, $25.00

Jul 31, 2015: John/Jane Do, $10.00
Jul 30, 2015: John/Jane Do, $100.00
Jul 30, 2015: DumbPlay, $10.00
Jul 26, 2015: John/Jane, $60.00
Jul 25, 2015: John/Jane Do, $15.00
Jul 16, 2015: Trueangel, $15.00
Jul 16, 2015: Megarules, $5.00

Total Donations: CA$315.99
Awaiting Confirmation: CA$10.00

Thanks for your Donations!!