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e-WarZone Rules

To keep e-WarZone a nice place to stay, we setup some rules that applie on ALL Game Lobbies, Forums and any other Communication channel of e-WarZone.

Not following this rules can lead to a Muzzle, Nameban or even an IP-Ban!

Be nice

Offensive Roomheaders, Personal attacks, Criticizes, Ridicules, or otherwise disparages another person based upon that person's Race, Color, Creed, National Origin, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Marital Status, Religion, Age, or Handicapping Conditiom can lead to a Muzzle / Nameban for a timeset defined by the decision making Admin. It is also not allowed to post pornlinks or links that are being meant to personally hurt or insult someone.


Constantly Bad Mouthing, Smurfing or the use of another Players name or attempt to use or copy another players name or Constantly logging in with different names to Quit or Stall, Hacking, Attacking or flooding the server in any kind of way can result in a Permanent IP-Ban!


People who only come here to argue, to stir up trouble and create unrest, type inappropriate language, to constantly feel the need to ruin the atmosphere in the lobby, run the risk of a permanent IP ban.

(IP’s being logged and reported to the police in case of attacks!)